Best Supporting Actress

Ruth Negga
Thomasin McKenzie
The Power of the Dog
Riley Keough
Amy Ryan
Sally Hawkins
1 nominatonNo nominations No nominations 1 nomination2 nominations
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The performance everyone was talking about out of Sundance. Already a previous nominee, Negga could find herself with the statue in this period pieceAnother actress who has been on the periphery of awards, but never actually factored in. What kind of role will she be and how much will she actually factor in the narrative?The role seemed interesting enough, but the trailer put Keough in front of a lot of people’s minds. How unhinged will it be, and will it be a co-lead?Since her Oscar nomination, the roles just haven’t been there. Ryan puts in the effort and could finally break back in with a buzzy filmAlready with two nominations and just missing a third, Hawkins could be the premiere supporting player or tag along like she did with Blue Jasmine
Martha Plimpton
Rita Moreno
West Side Story
Elizabeth Moss
Next Goal Wins
Ann Dowd
Zazie Beetz
Nine Days
No nominations 1 nomination
1 win
No nominations No nominations No nominations
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Comedic actresses turning dramatic has worked before and if Mass hits big, Plimpton could easily be swept up in the momentumOscar-winning actress joining the remake of her Oscar-winning role, in a different role. She is a living legend and they love to tack on another honorThe Academy is itching to give her some recognition, but is this more than just a long-suffering wife role? Can she finally break through?The Emmys love her, and she just missed an Oscar nomination for Compliance. She always delivers the goods, but will Plimpton or the men overshadow her?The Oscars have trouble awarding naturalistic acting and Beetz is really good at it. The role might not be to the Academy’s liking
Marlee Matlin
Samantha Morton
The Whale
Olga Merediz
In the Heights
Rooney Mara
Nightmare Alley
Hong Chau
The Whale
1 nominations
1 win
2 nominations No nominations 2 Nominations No nominations
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Already an Oscar winner, this role seems uniquely suited for her and it would be a great opportunity to award an actress they haven’t had the chance to award sinceShe has two of the quietest (no pun intended) Oscar nods in the last 30 years, but she always delivers. Aronofsky usually gets great performances out of his actressesShe is already getting “Best in Show” notices and the Oscars love to award long-time character actresses. The film has to be a big hitThe film has a huge cast but Mara should have the biggest supporting role. But, she could face internal competition with ColletteShe just missed an Oscar nomination for Downsizing and has been working steadily ever since. The film might prove too controversial