Best Supporting Actor

Stanley Tucci
Colman Domingo
Jason Isaacs
Jesse Plemons
The Power of the Dog
Richard Jenkins
Nightmare Alley
1 nominationNo nominations No nominations No nominations 2 nominations
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Everyone loves Tucci and the past year has endeared him to us even more. The next Oscar nom has to come some time, right?Probably closer than most realize to a nom for Ma Rainey’s Black Bottom, and his star continues to rise. His performance is already being buzzed aboutSome of these performances in Mass will pop and Isaacs is one of the more famous faces. How much goodwill is left from The Patriot?The role is the smaller of the performances in the book, but Plemons can undersell in a good way in a lot of varying material. He is on the right pathThe character actor who makes good with Oscar is the role JK Simmons took to get an Oscar, and reteaming with del Toro might be the thing to do it for Jenkins
Andre Holland
Reed Birney
Sean Harris
Benicio del Toro
The French Dispatch
Kodi Smit-McPhee
The Power of the Dog
No nominations No nominations No nominations 2 nominations, 1 win No nominations
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Holland is one of the most talented actors that no one talks about and if the film hits big, he could get swept up in the momentumJust like Isaacs, some performance from Mass should get recognized, but Birney is much less famous than his co-stars and could be lost in the shuffleMission:Impossible put him in front of a lot of people and if the role gives him enough, he could find himself in Oscar’s good gracesBelieve it or not, Anderson has never had an actor nominated. del Toro has the most prominent role in the trailer, so you never knowHe has been in Oscars’ periphery since The Road but has yet to translate to any real success. His role is “quirky” and it could pique the Academy’s interest
Benedict Wong
Nine Days
Vincent D’onofrio
The Eyes of Tammy Faye
Cooper Hoffman
Soggy Bottom
John David Washington
Canterbury Glass
Tom Hanks
Baz Luhrman’s Elvis Film
No nominations No nominations No nominations No nominations 6 nominations
2 wins
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He has been putting in solid character work for years and got an Indie Spirit nod for this performance. Can it translate or will his co-stars overshadow him?He has just missed the lineup in the past and the juicy role of Jerry Falwell could be the one to put him over the topJust like Gandolfini, the son is taking over for the father. But, the Oscars loved Phillip Seymour Hoffman and love Anderson. He could be the big breakout starIt’s more a matter of when and not if for Washington following a near-miss with BlacKKKlansman. How big is the role?This could be a situation where an actor gets dragged alongside a great performance, or there could be no air left (a la Jackie)