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Updated 1/4

BelfastThe Power of the DogDuneKing RichardLicorice Pizza
BELFAST posterThe Power of the Dog (2021) - IMDbDune Archives - Home of the Alternative Movie Poster -AMP-King Richard (2021) - IMDbNew Licorice Pizza Poster: blankies
One of the competitors for the win. Passion lands on both sides, but it is firmly in the BP race for nowThe precursor juggernaut. Everyone knew there would be love for the film, but I don’t think to this degreeThe Oscars have to have at least one blockbuster in the lineup, and the pedigree is thereSurprised at the sustained buzz, but movie stars can do that for a filmTurned into a precursor monster. Will garner a lot of #1 votes
CODAWest Side StoryDon’t Look UpSpencerThe Tragedy of Macbeth Side Story (2021) - IMDbDon't Look Up Review: As Subtle As A 2x4 To The Face [That's Good]See Kristen Stewart as Princess Diana in First Poster for Spencer Movie |  PEOPLE.comThe Tragedy of Macbeth - PosterSpy
The Sundance Audience winner debuted to rapturous praise and needs to keep momentum, but it looks like it’s in good shape right nowOne of the “out of nowhere” locks thanks to critical raves and plenty of precursor attentionBacklash or no backlash, people are definitely talking about it. McKay has two BP noms in his last two filmsEvery once in a while, a film can ride the coattails of an actor/actress. This might be the prime exampleVery few people have actually seen the film, but the buzz is growing at the right time
Tick, Tick…BOOM!Drive My CarThe Last DuelBeing the RicardosA Hero
tick, tick...BOOM! (2021) - IMDbDrive My CarThe Last Duel (2021) - IMDbBeing the Ricardos (2021) - IMDbA Hero (2021) - IMDb
The one film that has hung on way longer than I expected. Lots of good, very little negativeOf all the International Feature contenders, this is the one that has gotten the most attention from audiences and precursorsThere is either very strong passion or a very strong dislike, with little in-between. Seems unlikely at this pointThough the reception was less than ecstatic, Hollywood loves to honor stories about itselfThe other international contender. Lots of people love it, but it might be breaking too late
The French DispatchParallel MothersNightmare AlleyCyranoThe House of Gucci
The French Dispatch | Searchlight PicturesNew poster for Pedro Almodóvar's 'Parallel Mothers': moviesNightmare Alley (2021) - IMDbCyrano (2021) - IMDbThese 'House of Gucci' Movie Posters Belong in a Museum | Vanity Fair
Wes Anderson couldn’t get arrested by the Academy for years until he finally broke through. Now, they won’t leave him alone. We just need to wait to see it.Despite five Oscar nods including Best Director, Pedro Almodovar has never directed a Best Picture nominee. Surely, that will change eventually, right?Landed with a thud. Expect some technical nods, but a Best Picture nomination seems a longshot at this pointLots of positive attention, but no one is seeing it and they won’t for a bit. Could be too lateThe overwhelming negative reaction seems way too much to overcome at this point in the race