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Updated 4/21

The Power of the DogPassingNightmare AlleyDuneThe Tragedy of Macbeth
The Power of the Dog by Thomas Savage, book review: Masculinity under the  microscope in a tale with bite | The Independent | The Passing: Film Tie-In Edition (9781529047974): Larsen, Nella,  Vogelius, Christa Holm: BooksNightmare Alley (novel) - WikipediaDune (2021 film) - WikipediaTHE TRAGEDY OF MACBETH: Original Classic Text Edition - Kindle edition by  Shakespeare, William. Literature & Fiction Kindle eBooks @
Jane Campion hasn’t had serious Oscar success since 1993, but with an acclaimed novel and a prime cast, this looks like it could be the one to bring her back.Sundance hit from a well-respected actress-turned-director with a poignantly topical story and striking visualsGuillermo Del Toro will forever be on Oscar’s radar thanks to his Best Director win, but his films are either huge awards successes or complete misses with no in-betweenThe Oscars like one or two blockbusters and they love an auteur. If the film hits big, expect a big awards reception.The Coen’s rarely miss, but we will see when it is just one of the Coen brothers, but the addition of McDormand and Denzel should help.
WorthThe French DispatchMassSoggy BottomParallel Mothers
Worth (film) - WikipediaThe French Dispatch | Searchlight PicturesMass (2021) - IMDbBradley Cooper seen filming new Paul Anderson 70s inspired film in LA  despite Covid - Sound Health and Lasting WealthPenelope Cruz Is Seen On Set For The First Time As She Shoots New Film Parallel  Mothers In Madrid - Gadget Clock
Another Sundance entry, but with a 9/11 slant and filled with likeable performers. Could be a feel-good hitWes Anderson couldn’t get arrested by the Academy for years until he finally broke through. Now, they won’t leave him alone. We just need to wait to see it.With American gun violence out of control, the timely message plus the positive buzz from Sundance could lead to big things for this indieEvery Paul Thomas Anderson movie means something, and we’ll see how experimental he gets with Cooper and a largely unknown cast Despite five Oscar nods including Best Director, Pedro Almodovar has never directed a Best Picture nominee. Surely, that will change eventually, right?
Three Thousand Years of LongingLucaBlondeThe ForgivenCoda
Tilda Swinton films scenes for George Miller's Three Thousand Years of  Longing in Sydney | Daily Mail OnlineLuca (2021) - IMDbAna de Armas Updates on Twitter: "“I see Marilyn so much in so many images  and photos. I was fascinated very quickly by her and her life when I  started doing researchThe Forgiven by Osborne, Lawrence (2013): Books
George Miller’s Oscar success with Mad Max Fury Road automatically puts him in the spotlight, but Elba and Swinton should make things much more interestingAnimated hits have been right on the cusp of Best Picture success for years and if this one turns into a big hit, don’t be surprised when the Oscars come callingMy Week with Marilyn showed the Academy still cares about Marilyn Monroe in movie form, though Dominik has never been their cup of teaNow that his brother is an Oscar success, can John Michael McDonough receive his own accolades? His films have been smaller, but Chastain and Fiennes could change the narrativeThe film won the Grand Jury Prize at Sundance and AppleTV paid a king’s ransom to stream it. Maybe it could be their first awards breakthrough
SpencerCanterbury GlassLast Night in SohoDon’t Worry DarlingNine Days
OscarPredict-StewartMargot Robbie Transforms in Black Wig for David O. Russell FilmLast Night in Soho (2021) - IMDbBest Twitter Reactions to Harry Styles on Set of Don't Worry DarlingNine Days (2020) - IMDb
Pablo Larrian movies are their own animal, but if this film hits, you never know. Jackie might have been closer to a Best Picture nomination than we think.Russell’s film’s have had their Oscar success, but mostly in the acting categories. He hasn’t made a film since 2015 and may have soured since.Edgar Wright seems primed for an awards breakthrough and Taylor-Joy might be his ticket. But, is the film more of a popcorn film or does it go deep enough for the Academy?Olivia Wilde broke through in a big way with Booksmart and now a lot of eyes are on her next film. A fun cast could send this in Oscar’s directionMaybe too weird and ethereal for Oscar, but the 2020 Sundance breakthrough will release in the Summer