Best Director

Jane Campion
The Power of the Dog
Kenneth Branagh
Denis Villanueve
Paul Thomas Anderson
Soggy Bottom
Pedro Almodovar
Parallel Mothers
1 nomination (for directing)1 nomination (for directing)1 nomination2 nominations (for directing)1 nomination (for directing) Branagh - IMDbDenis Villeneuve - IMDbThe Dark Optimism of Paul Thomas Anderson | GQPedro Almodóvar and His 'Cinema of Women' - The New York Times
Despite years of quality, Campion has only one Best Director nomination and it was in 1993. This star-studded tale could get her back in Oscars’ good gracesIf Branagh’s passion project hits big with the Oscars, don’t be surprised if the five-time nominee (though only once in directing) is brought alongFollowing his nomination for Arrival, big budgets and grand ideas have been thrown at him, but Dune HAS to be a big hit for him to have a shotDespite eight nominations, PTA has only been nominated for Best Director twice. The film would have to be a top-line contender for him to break throughThe Oscars have shown willingness to nominate Pedro before, even when his film doesn’t show up in Best Picture. He has probably been 6th place more than once
Joel Coen
The Tragedy of Macbeth
Pablo Larrain
Wes Anderson
The French Dispatch
Fran Kranz
Guillermo del Toro
Nightmare Alley
3 nominations (for directing), 1 winNo nominations1 nomination (for directing) No nominations 1 nomination (for directing), 1 win
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Already a Best Director winner, but this time without his brother. Will they be able to take to the single Coen as well as they took the brothers?.Seen more as an actor’s director, he could translate if the film shows up in non-acting categories.Much like PTA, Anderson has seven noms but only one directing nomination. If the Academy can look past the quirks, they might find him in the lineup againSometimes dark subject matter is shunned by the Academy, but they will still recognize the director (David Lynch in 1986). Kranz might end up there as well even if his film missesFollowing his Best Director win in 2017, everything he makes will be on the Academy’s radar and this one has a huge cast and is headed in the buzziest direction
Rebecca Hall
Asghar Farhadi
A Hero
Steven Spielberg
West Side Story
Paolo Sorrentino
The Hand of God
No nominationsNo nominations (for directing)7 nominations, 2 wins (for directing) No nominations
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Already winning raves out of Sundance, this well-respected actress can translate to the lineup. The Oscars love actors-turned-directorsA Hero got rave reviews at Cannes and his previous Oscar success in International Film and Screenplay could find him in his first Director lineupThe name and the numbers speak for themselves, but remakes of Best Picture winners are 0-3 so far and none of them have been decent, much less good. Will have to really impressHis films have been hit-or-miss, but his defenders are passionate. Could he be too much of auteur, or could Netflix be his mainstream breakthrough?