Best Actress

Kirsten Dunst
The Power of the Dog
Kristen Stewart
Penelope Cruz
Parallel Mothers
Ana De Armas
Frances McDormand
The Tragedy of Macbeth
No nominationsNo nominatons3 nominations
1 win
No nominations6 nominations (for acting)
3 wins
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She has been on the cusp of Oscar attention for years and the pairing with Campion might finally be able to push her over the topBiopics for a hot topic are all the rage and if Larrain can get that performance out of Portman in Jackie, maybe Stewart can break through with OscarShe has shown the ability to be nominated for Spanish-speaking Almodovar movies in the past, so why don’t do it again?She works a lot but they just need the right role to give her the awards attention. Marilyn Monroe might be that roleNo actress in Hollywood is on a hotter Oscar streak than McDormand. It is much more likely they would be sick of her than her being bad
Tessa Thompson
Taylour Paige
Halle Berry
Emila Jones
Jessica Chastain
The Forgiven
No nominationsNo nominations1 nomination, 1 winNo nominations2 nominations
She has a ton of fans and the commercial success, but will she be overshadowed by Negga or other aspects of the film?In a film like Zola, if you are the normal one, you can get lost in the shuffle. Big performances like Domingo and Keough could dominate the narrativeBerry has to return to the Oscar limelight eventually, right? She directs herself in this MMA drama and could finally find her way backHollywood loves to award brand-new stars and Jones seems primed. Could be in line for breakthrough awardsChastain’s double nominations remain her only nods and she is starting to feel overdue. She continues to do solid work
Jessica Chastain
The Eyes of Tammy Faye
Anya Taylor-Joy
Canterbury Glass
Cate Blanchett
Nightmare Alley
Margot Robbie
Canterbury Glass
Jennifer Hudson
2 nominations No nominations7 nominations, 2 wins2 nominations1 nomination
1 win
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This looks like a big performance and Oscar loves when you play a real person. Can she be truly seen under all that makeup?It’s going to happen for her eventually, but will it be for this or something else? Russell has gotten his last three lead actresses nominatedBlanchett is always great, but she already has two wins and the Oscars are fresh off awarding McDormand her third. But, if the film is a hit…Robbie was the Oscars shiny new toy for a while and they nominated her any chance they could, but how willing are they to deal with Russell?Musical biopics are like crack to the Academy and this seems directly attuned to Hudson’s talents