Best Actor

Will Smith
King Richard
Benedict Cumberbatch
The Power of the Dog
Clifton Collins Jr
Peter Dinklage
Andrew Garfield
Tick, Tick, Boom!
2 nominations1 nominationNo nominationsNo nominations1 nomination
Will Smith pictured on set of Serena Williams father biopic King Richard |  London Evening Standard | Evening StandardNew Period Drama: 'The Power of the Dog' from Jane Campion | Benedict  cumberbatch, Benedict cumberbatch sherlock, BenedictOscarPredict-CollinsPeter Dinklage | Biography, Movies, & Facts | BritannicaOscarPredict-Garfield
Smith’s public life has surpassed his work in recent years, but a high-profile role as the father of the Williams sisters could set the stage for a critical comebackThe role in Campion’s film is supposed to be the juiciest, but Cumberbatch can go a bit too big. The cast could also overshadow his effortsCharacter actor makes good is a tale as old as time and Collins won raves for his work as a complex horse jockey. Expect this one to stickBeing beloved by the Emmys doesn’t always translate to Oscar, but if the film hits, expect Dinklage to jump to the top of a lot of listsHis career has been more on the indie side lately, but with Lin Manuel Miranda behind the camera, a La La Land reception could get Garfield his second nomination
Denzel Washington
The Tragedy of Macbeth
Joaquin Phoenix
C’mon C’mon
Michael B. Jordan
A Journal for Jordan
Bradley Cooper
Nightmare Alley
Oscar Isaac
The Card Counter
8 nominations (for acting),
2 wins
4 nominations, 1 winNo nominations4 nominations (for acting)No nominations
Denzel Washington - Rotten TomatoesJoaquin Phoenix C'mon C'mon Jacket Hoodie - Jackets CreatorPeople magazine names Michael B. Jordan as Sexiest Man AliveBradley Cooper, Rooney Mara and Guillermo del Toro arrive to film Nightmare  Alley in Buffalo, NY | Daily Mail OnlineOscarPredict-Isaac
The most reliable of Oscar’s favorite men, Denzel always delivers, but how does that work when it a Coen is involved and they have Shakespeare to deal with?Mike Mills films can swing a nomination, but will the Joaquin afterglow still be there following his Joker win?He seems too much of a movie star to not have a nomination. Maybe this Denzel-directed drama can be the one to do itWeirdly, Nightmare Alley is one of the last films no one has laid eyes on and it’s probably to the film’s and Cooper’s detrimentIt has to happen for Isaac eventually, but Schrader films are not usually the Academy’s cup of tea
Anthony Ramos
In the Heights
Adam Driver
House of Gucci
Leonardo DiCaprio
Don’t Look Up
Mahershala Ali
Swan Song
Jude Hill
No nominations2 nominations6 nominations, 1 win (for acting) 2 nominations, 2 winsNo nominations
Ramos-IntheHeightsLady Gaga and Adam Driver spotted filming 'House of Gucci'Leonardo DiCaprio and Jennifer Lawrence are hardly recognisable on the set  of 'Don't Look Up' | Photogallery - ETimesMahershala Ali Is on the 2019 TIME 100 List | Time.comJude Hill - IMDb
The breakout star of a crowd-pleasing Best Picture contender will always be in consideration. The film might be viewed more as an ensemble than a showcaseFrom the looks of the trailer, his role is the quietest, so he’ll have to make quite the impression to rise above all the apparent overactingLeo is always going to be in the conversation, but people are starting to cool on Adam McKay filmsNothing is known about the movie and so far no one has seen it. Time is running out to make an impressionIn line for all the breakthrough awards. Young actors have a tough time breaking through to the Oscar lineup a la Jamie Bell