2022 Oscar Volleys at The Film Experience

The 2022 Oscar nominations are just 13 days away. Over at The Film Experience, I did some back-and-forths with some of the awesome writers about films and Oscar categories.

Click the headings for the full-length conversations.


Best Editing

Nick Taylor and I discuss the mess that is the Oscar category of Best Editing. We both get into how it’s turned into a Best Picture sub-category, but also bemoaning the “most” editing usually equaling a nomination.

Nick Taylor on Twitter
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Split Decision: “The Fabelmans”

Eurocheese fell in love with Steven Speilberg’s The Fabelmans, and we all know I didn’t like it. I argued for all the phoniness of Spielberg’s intentions, while everything worked for him. We do both land on a negative feeling for Michelle Williams’ performance, but we both love Paul Dano.

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Split Decision: “Bablyon”

Glenn Dunks was a fan of Damien Chazelle’s Babylon. Christopher James hated it. I landed somewhere in the middle. We end up diagnosing the film’s problems as well as it’s successes (mostly Justin Hurwitz’s jazz score).

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Christopher James on Twitter
Other pieces from Christopher James at The Film Experience

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