Hit Me With Your Best Shot: Fire Island

For The Film Experience, I took part in this week’s edition of “Hit Me With Your Best Shot” in which you pick your favorite shot from a chosen film. This edition covers Andrew Ahn’s 2022 gay romantic comedy Fire Island.

Based on Pride and Prejudice, this particular scene comes early on in the film, but sets the tone for the entire narrative. Noah (Joel Kim Booster), Howie (Bowen Yang) and their friends have landed at an upscale party which includes Howie’s potential love interest Charlie (James Scully) and his stuffy friend Will (Conrad Ricamora).

Noah finds himself in a bathroom and overhears a conversation between Charlie and Will disparaging Noah as well as his friends group. This first impression of Will tempers every interaction Noah has going forward but also puts his guard up to protect his friend from getting hurt.

The shot itself is interesting because of the lack of clarity. Will and Charlie are out of focus, but Noah is only seen in silhouette. Nothing is crystal clear.

The film is an absolute blast which ends up being sweeter than I was expecting.

Fire Island is currently streaming on Hulu and I reviewed it on Monday.
Feel free to play along yourself here or using the hashtag #BestShot.

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