Hit Me With Your Best Shot: Ex Machina

For The Film Experience, I took part in this week’s edition of “Hit Me With Your Best Shot” in which you pick your favorite shot from a chosen film. This edition covers Alex Garland’s spectacular 2015 debut Ex Machina.

Early on in the film, eccentric genius Nathan Bateman (Oscar Isaac) has created a human-like android. He recruits one of his employees Caleb Smith (Domhnall Gleeson) to test out the human interaction. For his first interaction, Caleb heads in while Nathan watches the security footage.

This shot shows a seemingly endless stream of post-it notes on a wall while Nathan watches the cameras. There is a fascinating dichotomy between the analog messages on sticky pieces of paper while the most cutting-edge technology is being displayed. No matter how complex a machine can be, there is still the basic understanding that it came from a straightforward place.

It’s also fascinating how post-it notes were once considered cutting-edge technology themselves. Nathan eventually gets too bogged down in the coldness of technology, which leads to the film’s thrilling conclusion. It’s one of my favorite films of 2015 and features an incredible performance from Alicia Vikander.

Ex Machina is currently streaming in various places, but you’ll have to pony up a bit to rent it. Feel free to play along yourself here or using the hashtag #BestShot.

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