Hit Me With Your Best Shot: Seven Brides for Seven Brothers

For The Film Experience, I took part in this week’s edition of “Hit Me With Your Best Shot” in which you pick your favorite shot from a chosen film. This edition covers the 1954 musical comedy Seven Brides for Seven Brothers.

The film is not much for subtlety. This isn’t a bad thing. The big showstopping number comes at the film’s midpoint where six of the seven brothers compete against six men from town for the affections of six women. Obviously, the only way to truly compete is to dance.

The shot itself comes at the end of this number. All sorts of competitive acrobatics and dance moves have been performed, and each girl has their decision to make. The six Pontipee brothers, all dressed in a primary or secondary color, each receive their prize in a row while the matte-painted background sets the scene. Each girl is also adorned in a color, while their other potential suiters are off-screen in muted tones.

Watching all the wild dancing and choreography is downright exhausting, but it’s all worth it as each brother wins his respective trophy. It’s the most exuberant and triumphant the film gets before taking some oddly dark turns.

Seven Brides for Seven Brothers is currently streaming on HBOMax.
Feel free to play along yourself here or using the hashtag #BestShot.

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