2022 Best Supporting Actor

Ke Huy Quan
Everything Everywhere All At Once
Brendan Gleeson
The Banshees of Inisherin
Barry Keoghan
The Banshees of Inisherin
Paul Dano
The Fabelmans
Brian Tyree Henry
No nominationsNo nominationsNo nominationsNo nominationsNo nominations
People love a comeback story, and who better than a kid actor who went away and comes back to rave reviews? A solid lockGoing Supporting might seal his nomination, especially after the recent festival runHe’s been on the cusp of breaking through for a while. Is this the right role for it to happen?Between his career momentum and The Batman, this feels like the right spot for the young actorThe big surprise winner of the precursor season. Keeps popping up all over the place
Eddie Redmayne
The Good Nurse
Brad Pitt
Judd Hirsch
The Fabelmans
Tom Hanks
Ben Whishaw
Women Talking
2 nominations
1 win
4 nominations
1 win

(for acting)
1 nomination6 nominations
2 wins
No nominations
I never took him the least bit seriously and he might end up in the five without breaking a sweatWill his recent personal issues outweigh whatever he does in the film?Apparently only has one scene, but it is a killer. He’s been doing consistent work since his lone nomination in 1980Despite getting plenty of scorn for his makeup-heavy appearance, he’s still Tom HanksThe buzz COMPLETELY fizzled out despite solid reviews. Surprisingly absent from precursor lists
Michael Ward
Empire of Light
Woody Harrelson
Triangle of Sadness
Don Cheadle
White Noise
Edward Norton
Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery
Anthony Hopkins
Armageddon Time
No nominations2 nominations1 nomination3 nominations6 nominations
2 wins
It’s a lead role, but he’s a newcomer, so it’s apparently Supporting. Winning great reviewsEarly buzz peaked too earlyToo divisive, too underseen, too weirdThe Oscars love him and he has been called the standout along with MonaeThey just gave him his second Oscar, but sometimes the Academy gets on these streaks