2022 Best Supporting Actor

Paul Dano
The Fabelmans
Jesse Plemons
Killers of the Flower Moon
Toby Jones
Empire of Light
Jeffrey Wright
Don Cheadle
White Noise
No nominations1 nominationNo nominationsNo nominations1 nomination
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Between his career momentum and The Batman, this feels like the right spot for the young actorA surprise 2021 Oscar nominee, Scorsese can make it happen for Supporting Actors and he seems in the best positionOne of those actors you always notice but never remember, maybe Mendes can help him get all the wayNever had a real chance last year for The French Dispatch, but it’s going to happen eventually, right?If anyone can break through from the White Noise supporting cast, Cheadle feels the most overdue
Seth Rogen
The Fabelmans
Anthony Hopkins
The Son
Robert De Niro
Killers of the Flower Moon
Tom Hanks
Ke Huy Quan
Everything Everywhere All At Once
No nominations6 nominations, 2 wins7 nominations, 2 wins (for acting)6 nominations, 2 winsNo nominations
Very much wanted to predict him, but comedians are so difficult to get serious notice from AMPASThey just gave him his second Oscar, but sometimes the Academy gets on these streaksDe Niro just missed for The Irishman, but how much of a role does he have?Despite getting plenty of scorn for his makeup-heavy appearance, he’s still Tom HanksPeople love a comeback story, and who better than a kid actor who went away and comes back to rave reviews?
Nathan Lane
Disappointment Blvd.
Andre Braugher
She Said
Tobey Maguire
Chris Pine
Don’t Worry Darling
Jeremy Strong
Armageddon Time
No nominationsNo nominationsNo nominationsNo nominationsNo nominations
Should have had an Oscar nomination 25 years ago, but hasn’t come close since. As good a time as anyThe Oscars love giving a nomination to someone outside the viewpoint of the film, but there are worse options than BraugherSpider-Man did a lot of good for his career. Could be headed in the right direction momentum-wiseProbably closer than most realize to a nom for Hell or High Water. One of the more likeable of the Hollywood Chris groupHis talent is not in question, though his off-screen persona does rub plenty of people the wrong way