2022 Best Picture

The Banshees of InisherinEverything Everywhere All At OnceThe FabelmansTop Gun: MaverickTAR
McDonagh’s fans are very passionate. Now that he is back in his native country, the Academy could be very receptiveCame in and stole all the “early season buzz” from The Batman. People who love it REALLY love itSpielberg is beloved and it’s a personal story. Seems like a safe betImpossible to ignore at this point. This may be too low a placementThe Academy rarely goes for this type of film, but its champions are loud and passionate
ElvisAvatar: The Way of WaterAll Quiet on the Western FrontThe Woman KingThe Whale
The Academy can’t make up their minds when it comes to Luhrmann, but all the ingredients are thereIt’s hard to ignore James Cameron in normal situations, but they really dug the original and they could love this tooNetflix put a lot of eyes on the film, and it’s getting almost universal praise. International films need to be taken seriouslyGreat reviews and surprising box office, but the buzz is cooled significantlyVery divisive, but still seems up the Oscars’ alley
Glass Onion: A Knives Out MysteryWomen TalkingBabylonGDT’s PinocchioRRR
The original probably just missed the BP lineup. This one could be just as closeWhat the hell happened here? A shocking amount of precursor missesExtremely divisive reaction certainly didn’t helpBuzz has fallen off, but still has an outside shotAn international sensation that is going to get closer to Best Picture specifically because it missed International Feature
She SaidAftersunDecision to LeaveTriangle of SadnessEmpire of Light
Box office could be the big barrier. Needs tons of precursor attentionThe critical behemoth that has come out of nowhere. It’s fanbase is rabidThe International branch has managed to get a film into the BP lineup for three out of four years. Maybe this is another oneCould face “internal” competition from Decision, but Ostlund has his fanaticsSam Mendes has recently returned to AMPAS’ good graces. You can never count him out. Feels like an older voter film