2022 Best Picture

Killers of the Flower MoonBabylonArmageddon TimeRustinThe Fabelmans
It’s silly to bet against Marty at this pointAfter the lackluster response from First Man, Chazelle looks to bounce backJames Grey has been dying for a breakout and this story seems like the one to make it happenLots of timely messages, plus a biopic on a platform a bunch of people will seeSpielberg is beloved and it’s a personal story. Seems like a safe bet
The WhaleShowing UpThe SonCha Cha Real SmoothNext Goal Wins
Could prove to be controversial, but Fraser and Aronofsky could still get it thereKelly Reichardt should be a multiple-time nominee by know with all the quality she keeps deliveringZeller picked up a statue on his first try, so why wouldn’t his second work just as well?Sundance hit in the hands of Apple seems like a good betFeel-good film that a lot of people will have eyes on. Let’s see if they still like Waititi
White NoiseDon’t Worry DarlingWomen TalkingEmpire of LightShe Said
After Marriage Story, Baumbach is a really player – especially with Gerwig and Driver on boardPsychological films aren’t usually the Oscars’ cup of tea, but Wilde is due for an awards breakthroughSarah Polley got some traction early, but hasn’t had anything since. Maybe more of a screenplay filmSam Mendes has recently returned to AMPAS’ good graces. You can never count him outTimely story and a solid cast might be all it needs
Avatar 2ElvisGood Luck to You, Leo GrandeEverything Everywhere All At Once3000 Years of Longing
It’s hard to ignore James Cameron in normal situations, but they really dug the original and they could love this tooThe Academy can’t make up their minds when it comes to Luhrmann, but all the ingredients are thereSmall-scale Sundance hit with two buzzy performances. Could do well with an older crowdCame in and stole all the “early season buzz” from The Batman. People who love it REALLY love itOscar goes for George Miller big or not at all. Could be too weird