2022 Best Director

Steven Spielberg
The Fabelmans
Sarah Polley
Women Talking
Martin McDonagh
The Banshees of Inisherin
Darren Aronofsky
The Whale
Park Chan-Wook
Decision to Leave
8 nominations,
2 wins
(for directing)
No nominations (for directing)No nominations
(for directing)
1 nominationNo nominations
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He’s one of the favorites of the directors’ branch. If the film gets good reviews, it would be hard to doubt himGot a screenplay nomination all those years ago, but has been completely ignored since despite quality workCan’t seem to get the Academy to take his directing seriously (though they love his writing)It seems odd he’s only been nominated once, but he had to get away for a bit after mother!This Korean master has never been close to Oscar before. It could be exactly what the Academy is looking for
Damien Chazelle
Ruben Ostlund
Triangle of Sadness
Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu
Chinonye Chukwu
Sam Mendes
Empire of Light
1 nomination,
1 win (for directing)
No nominations3 nominations,
2 wins
(for directing)
No nominations2 nominations
1 win
(for directing)
Even though he has won before, I’m slightly dubious about his chances. That being said, Babylon might be hard to ignoreThe International branch has liked his films, but a true breakthrough could find him in the Director fiveYou have to take him seriously anytime he releases a film, but the mixed response and the Netflix factor all come into playPoised for a big boost if the film is a critical hit, but I suspect it needs commercial success as well in order to translateThe Oscars either LOVE Mendes’ films or completely ignore them. Domestic drama has worked for him in the past
Everything Everywhere All At Once
James Cameron
Avatar: The Way of Water
Noah Baumbach
White Noise
Baz Luhrmann
James Grey
Armageddon Time
No nominations2 nominations
1 win
(for directing)
No nominations
(for directing)
No nominations
(for directing)
No nominations
Undeniably brilliant and singular, but how weird is the Academy willing to go?We need to start taking Cameron seriously for his substantial successes (critical and commercial)Missed a Best Director nom by the skin of his teeth. Will they ever see him as more than just a writer?The Oscars have snubbed him in the past. Plus, the reaction to his film is…mixedIt’s been just a matter of time with Grey. Following Ad Astra, this personal film could finally prove to be his breakthrough