2022 Best Director

James Grey
Armageddon Time
Martin Scorsese
Killers of the Flower Moon
Darren Aronofsky
The Whale
Steven Spielberg
The Fabelmans
Kelly Reichardt
Showing Up
No nominations9 nominations, 1 win (for directing)1 nomination8 nominations, 2 wins (for directing)No nominatons
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It’s been just a matter of time with Grey. Following Ad Astra, this personal film could finally prove to be his breakthroughIf he is making a film, he has to be in the conversationIt seems odd he’s only been nominated once, but he had to get away for a bit after mother!He’s one of the favorites of the directors’ branch. If the film gets good reviews, it would be hard to doubt himShe has been ramping up commercially, and if she can get a little bit of precursor support, she could really make an impact
Damien Chazelle
Taika Waititi
Next Goal Wins
Florian Zeller
The Son
George C. Wolfe
Sam Mendes
Empire of Light
1 nomination, 1 win (for directing)No nominations (for directing)No nominations (for directing)No nominations2 nominations, 1 win (for directing)
Even though he has won before, I’m slightly dubious about his chances. That being said, Babylon might be hard to ignoreThe market has cooled on Waititi, but a crowd-pleaser could win back a lot of heartsThe Oscars have shown willingness to nominate Pedro before, even when his film doesn’t show up in Best Picture. He has probably been 6th place more than onceIt’s an unfortunate trend of Black-led films getting acclaim but their directors missing the lineup. I unfortunately expect it to continue againThe Oscars either LOVE Mendes’ films or completely ignore them. Domestic drama has worked for him in the past
Noah Baumbach
White Noise
Cooper Raiff
Cha Cha Real Smooth
Olivia Wilde
Don’t Worry Darling
Wes Anderson
Asteroid City
Sarah Polley
Women Talking
No nominations (for directing)No nominationsNo nominations1 nomination (for directing)No nominations (for directing)
Missed a Best Director nom by the skin of his teeth. Will they ever see him as more than just a writer?They either love or hate young directors, and I’m leaning towards hateShe had a dynamite debut, but this looks to be wildly different. Could be a surprise hitThe Oscars either fall over themselves for him (Grand Budapest) or they completely ignore him (The French Dispatch)Got a screenplay nomination all those years ago, but has been completely ignored since despite quality work