Oscar Updates: Precursor Season!

It’s January, and that means new awards bodies present their annual year-end awards for the best films for 2021. With precursor season in full bloom, let’s update the Oscar race!

The Case for Andrew Garfield Winning Best Actor

2021 may well repeat history as Andrew Garfield campaigns, charms, and web-slings his way into the conversation to take home Best Actor on Oscar night.  Let’s break down the reasons why Garfield could walk away with the trophy…

Review: A Hero

Morally complex and filled with tension, Asghar Farhadi’s A Hero goes to great lengths to show the levels at which the truth lies.  Featuring a commanding lead performance from Amir Jadidi, Farhadi again wrestles with weighty themes set in the political climate of his native Iran.

Review: The Lost Daughter

Uncomfortable and complex, Maggie Gyllenhaal’s The Lost Daughter paints a weary picture of the concept of motherhood but is held together by a mesmerizing performance from Olivia Colman.

Review: Don’t Look Up

Despite the political relevancy, Adam McKay’s Don’t Look Up is unsubtle, unfunny, and overly reliant on being right to make any impact. It’s the cinematic equivalent of someone screaming at you from five feet away with a bullhorn.

Oscar Blindspots: Warrior/A Better Life

Warrior and A Better Life represent men reaching their sensitive sides while being forced to keep a hard masculine shell. While the former does better than the latter, both films keep up the quality of other 2011 dramatic entries.


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